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Activity cards are based on real data taken from players, says Insomniac -

Activity cards are based on real data taken from players, says Insomniac –

The activity cards One of the major innovations introduced with the new interface of PS5, and according to Insomniac Games are based on real data Taken from player activity collected through PlayStation Network.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart uses activity cards very widely and has focused on this topic Mike Daly, Director of Insomniac Games Who worked on the PS5 game in question, explaining how these activity cards are organized and where the data and information come from.

As we have seen, activity cards provide contextual information to the player about Accomplish different goals, also indicating the amount of time required to reach them (on average) and other details of this kind that allow you to have a fairly accurate view of what needs to be done at all times.

Example activity card on PS5, in this case with Sackboy

At the launch of the game, the first estimates regarding the achievement of goals and the like are provided directly by the developers, based on what was recorded during the testing phase, but then the estimates are calculated based on data collected directly by PS5 users, collected through “Online Activity on PlayStation Network. Then, they are customized according to the playing style of individual users.

Of the data on the PS5 activity cards, Daly explained: “It’s derived from an estimate first made by the developers and then compared to the average times players complete different objectives derived from the PSN.” “Then they come further depends on the request By controlling the speed maintained by the players involved in the game in question.”

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