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Six U.S. states are campaigning against the company's toxic culture -

Activision Blizzard acquisition to begin in late 2021 –

acquisition process Activision Blizzard is being Started in late 2021, as revealed by Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft GamesIn an interview with The Wall Street Journal. Pay attention, because we are talking about the bureaucratic process, and therefore not about the negotiations, which will surely start much earlier.

Part of the acquisition required examining the challenges Kotick faced during 2021, particularly those related to allegations of sexual harassment and workplace discrimination that have withstood in recent months, including attempts to organize the company’s workers.

Spencer: “We spent time with Activision teams studying various incidents and reading employee surveys, then talked about their plans, progress and plans.

Spencer added that Microsoft will not participate in Activision Blizzard trials and that it will have to look into plans for success to make sure it knows how to move.

Activision Blizzard’s legal problems were one of the issues listed as potential obstacles to the merger by some experts. There is a lot of focus on how Microsoft intends to address all open issues once it takes over the company.

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