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Tim, the sudden stop has arrived: everything changes for customers


Tim, the sudden stop has arrived: everything changes for customers. A bad blow that no one expected and forced the manager to intervene

He ordered the provider to withdraw his Sim cards, which put an end to Android customer service. A step towards the future can create some problems for its users.

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Continuous update in technology subordinate smart phone rest is not known. Advancement from a technical point of view includes both programs and connections. Upgrades and alternative solutions are now on the agenda And customers are noticing it. Some of them are excellent and allow you to improve the service, even if they force people to unexpected expenses. Tim brand, Telecommunications pioneer in Italy, Launches important innovations in light of the coming months of 2022. This will be the year of the final leap in 5G network. However, the development of the high-speed Internet will also have unforeseen consequences.

For example, the provider has already specified a complete abandon 3G network. This move was indirectly confirmed in recent weeks as the operator sent it to all customers who have SIM card with a capacity of less than 128Kmessage to change the card. The new SIM card must be ordered at one of the official Tim stores and costs 15 euros.

Tim, the sudden stop has arrived: forced SIM change to keep internet connection

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Smartphone and Sim Card (Photo: Pixabay)

Operators will then supply new cards, with twice the capacity compared to 128 kilo It is useful for navigating with networks 4G and especially 5G. However, the money invested will not be lost since then 15 EUR will be transferred in the form of the remaining credit. In addition, there is a bonus for all users involved for unlimited consumption of voice calls for one month.

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Not everyone who has not changed the SIM card will be able to connect from April. Thus, everyone who owns cards less than 128K (Android users) are excluded. For all the others, there will be no changes of any kind but only new optional promotions.


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