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Action: Calenda, the birthplace of the Third Reform Pole – Politics

“Today the third pole of reform and culture of government is born: we must create a viable alternative to democracy and sovereignty.” Thus the second and final day of the Action Congress will be held at the Palazzo de Congress with President Carlo Calenda in action. Calenda was nominated as National Executive Secretary by representatives of the party’s first congress.
“There is no big center – he confirmed – there is a pragmatic area with large European political families. We say no to Fdi and M5 because they can not rule, because they say Europe, no to vaccines.”

“I will take this party to 20% and then leave it to you,” Calenda said in his closing speech at the party’s first conference. “This has led us to 20% in Rome, the arena of courage to fight for every ballot and every card,” he added.

Then turning to Letta, he said: “Of course, I want to be with you, but you must come to our camp”. “I urge the friends of Forza Italia – he added – to come to our field as well. I say to Renzi, whom I believe is the best president after de Casperi: Of course we are together, but it’s unthinkable. Decide whether you want to do politics or business.

“I have no advice because I am involved in politics. Matteo Richetti himself. The politician does not consult: he gets money from his supporters. Matteo Renzi knows this very well.”

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