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Allerta rossa in Europa per il passaggio di una doppia tempesta

Red weather warning for winds of up to 200km / h, Italy dangerous by evening »

Eunice storm: Red weather forecast with winds of up to 200km / h, hazards Italy by evening

Red warning in Europe as double storm passesAnd ‘ Red alert in Europe Because of the passage Eunice storm That unleashed The hurricane is blowing at a speed of 150 km per hour And dangerous Storms along the coast.
The weather is expected to get worse from the UK, the Netherlands to Germany to Poland. Understanding that will be fundamental The path of these hurricanes to assess the risks to Italy.

Official British sources (Met Office) reported that it arrived at one o’clock on Friday afternoon Winds will be 196 km / h (As Type 3 hurricane On the ladder Sapphire-Simpson) On the White Island, the strongest ever recorded in the UK.

Predictions speak for themselves Severe storm winds Especially at a speed of 150 km per hour on the banks of the English Channel. There will be rain and possibility with wind Snowfall In the mountains within Midlands More and more north.
This is also the maximum warning Germany An announcement was made by the National Weather Service A strong hurricane is blowing at a speed of 120 km per hour. Clean Netherlands Winds of up to 100km / h are expected along with the arrival of Eunice storm.

According to the latest data Italy has been partially affected by Hurricane Eunice.

In the next few hours heavy wind In fact they will whip us With more than likely wind At 120 km / h And There will be too The storm rises with waves up to 7 meters high On the most exposed beaches.
By analyzing the climatic picture, it is clear that a significant barrier gradient (i.e., the pressure difference) is generated between. Anticyclonic field again in new reinforcement Iberian Peninsula and Spain and a Motor-centered vortex in the Adriatic SeaWill determine Significant intensity of currents.
The most dangerous phase is expected between the evenings Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd February When violent winds are expected a At a speed of 100 km per hour in the mid-western Alps, Kind of Valle d’Aosta, Piedmont, Lombardy and South Tyrol. Strong winds will then invest in the city center via the Po Valley (Favonio or Föhn). Turin And especially Milan, Worries, Como, with potential inconvenience to air traffic.
Mistral costs may also be high At 120 km / h On Beaches of Sardinia (Maximum will be provided Attention Area Bonifacio Strait) And West SicilyThen extended to central-southern Tyrrhenian beaches.

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Storm winds from the northern hemisphere are expected, finally, in the Adriatic and Ionian seas. Over 70km / h.

Be careful not to underestimate the risk I amAiry On all beaches Northern and western Sardinia The waves can even reach there 6-7 meters high (Imagine, like a two-story building!), On SicilyEspecially the beaches of Tropani, Agrigento, Messina, Apulian and Province of Reggio CalabriaAlthough low here.

The first cooling of the wind is expected in advance Wednesday 23rd February.

Strong winds from hurricanes in Central and Northern EuropeStrong winds from hurricanes in Central and Northern EuropeWaves up to 10 meters high in Great BritainWaves up to 10 meters high in Great BritainSnowing in the Scottish and English mountainsSnowing in the Scottish and English mountainsWinds will be 196 km / h.  Strongest ever achieved in the UK (Source Meteorological Office)Winds will be 196 km / h. Strongest ever achieved in the UK (Source Meteorological Office)