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A very happy evening, Aurora Ramazzotti vs Bio and Amedeo's monologue

A very happy evening, Aurora Ramazzotti vs Bio and Amedeo’s monologue

Aurora Ramazzotti It Instagram Monologue criticizes Bio and Amedeo a happy evening. The two comedians, prime-time protagonists, opened a discussion that prompted several VIPs to share their views. In their conversation about political correctness, they mentioned it some wordsEven if it’s extremely offensive, they can Pronunciation on TV And in life, because the offense does not lie in the term itself, but rather in the intentions of those who utter it.

A very sensitive speech prompted Aurora to set it happy evening To follow Dad’s guest ErosTo expose themselves. “This thing – it started on Instagram – that you keep assuming that you decide what is offensive and a class that I’m not part of and that doesn’t know the battles, the pain, the fears, the discomfort, the discrimination remains a mystery to me. I’m sorry, but I had to say it.” The distinction between excessive “political correctness” (which also bothered me) and the use of words that took on purely insulting and discriminatory connotations is a must. There is talk of good or bad “intent” – added daughter. Michel Hunziker -, but using it nowadays (on TV later) has already become the wrong intention. This is done by ignoring the fact that those belonging to the groups in question have clearly expressed that they do not want to hear it. Because they hurt him. Goal”.

What did the two comedians say? during happy evening They explained: “They want us to believe that civilization is in words, but it is all here in the head. In order to heal ourselves from the ignorance of those who say in an insulting way, that this is the problem, we have only one solution: self-mockery.”

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“It is not possible to say the same anymore, but the intention is always the problem. So we have to fight the ignorant and the idiots. If they call you ri ***** ni, you are laughing at them because evil does not reside in the language and in the world but in the brain Your resentment is fed by ignorant people. “

A speech, from comedians and presenters, elicited reactions from many VIPs, from Aurora Ramazzotti, who has always been sensitive about these issues, to Bianca Balti That breathed on Instagram, and attacked them.