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A unique spider has been found at the moment: experts believe so..

A unique spider has been found at the moment: experts believe so..

An impressive discovery that left everyone speechless. Find a unique spider: this is what experts think

This is the first specimen of a species that has never been found before and may have never been “seen.” However, the ‘monster’ was found thanks to an ancient fossil, and this discovery could only happen in Australia, a land famous for the diversity of spiders that can be found.

But let’s see right away what it is and what the experts who studied this think about it The spider is considered “unique in the world”.

Unique spider fossil discovered: What do experts say?

An amazing discovery happened in… Australian archaeological site. In fact, the paleontologists who were working on it found the fossil of a unique spider that lived on Earth in the Miocene era. This was immediately identified as the second largest spider ever found in the world. The discovery of paleontologists was considered surprising, as they were able to shed light on an incredible creature that belongs to the distant past of our planet and no trace of which has ever been recorded.

The fossil is an amazing discovery (Image source: @Zological Journal of the Linnean Society)

This was announced by a team of scientists who published the study in the scientific journal Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society. The group of scientists located the find at a site called McGraths Flat and estimated its “age” by the placement of the fossil About 11-16 million years ago. It is a discovery perfectly preserved in the rock, where it was possible to observe every detail of the animal. According to what paleontologists reported, the spider that was found belonged to the genus Monodontium and observing the legs was crucial in obtaining all the precious information.

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It has been very difficult for scientists to understand how this spider evolved, as there are no relevant and in-depth documents about these animals. It is actually a very fragile species and therefore there is not a lot of data. This is the first type to be renamed.Megamodontium McCloskey“Its discovery allows us to delve deeper into how Australia appeared in the Miocene. This specimen was about 5 times larger than the average Monodontium spider, and is considered The second largest fossil spider in the world. Thus, first place still goes to Mongolarachne jurassica, which was found in China in 2011.