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A revolution in the animal world: Snakes are changing and science does not know why

A revolution in the animal world: Snakes are changing and science does not know why

Despite their terrifying appearance, snakes have become essential to science – here's what you need to know.

For many years, snakes were demonized and shunned, even as some scientists continued to research, driven by curiosity to discover more about this fascinating animal species. The result was surprising.

Science has made a surprising discovery about snakes –

Daniel Rabosky, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Michigan, conducted a study that showed something surprising. The results were published in a prestigious journal SciencesHe explained how snakes are animals capable of further development.

After decades of examining the snake with the longest fangs, it was his turn Bankruptor the order of animal that includes Both snakes and lizardsfor a total More than 11,000 different types. However, unlike lizards, snakes have unique characteristics.

The studies were conducted on a sample of 1,000 animals Snakes and lizards. Scientists were also interested in them Their food tastesHe analyzed the stomach contents of about 60,000 samples preserved in museums.

Continuous evolution of snakes

Thanks to the tests and studies conducted, the researchers were able to do this Trace an evolutionary line, including all physical and nutritional changes It happened over the centuries. In this way it was possible to compare snakes and lizards.

The snake is constantly evolving, and always will be –

Rabosky explained the results of the study: “Compared to lizards, They changed relatively quickly and continued to do so over time. So we can also say that the ongoing “evolutionary explosion” of snakes is still going on today and appears to be partly driven by the fact that Development rateThat is, their “evolutionary clock,” so to speak, is ticking much faster than that of many other groups of animals.“.

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However, the possibility of repercussions that should not be underestimated cannot be ruled out later:This rapidly ticking evolutionary clock is really important because it allows snakes to do this New features are rapidly developing Who can make the most of the new opportunities that arise“.

Scientists have found themselves witnessing amazing discoveries, such as a cannibalistic snake that feeds on its own. These episodes confirm that the evolutionary clock of snakes is indeed fast, but until now the reason for this speed remains unknown.