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A purebred Ferrari, like no other ever has

A purebred Ferrari, like no other ever has

Maranello’s first four-door, four-seater Ferrari of a model inspired by the Enzo Ferrari 400 Superamerica.

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there Thoroughbred Ferrari It’s kind of a revolution in the world of the Maranello brand and it’s a bit controversial for an option that outshines many The reference standard for a reputable brand. It is, in fact, the first four-door, four-seater model inspired by Enzo Ferrari’s Ferrari 400 supramica commissioned by Piero Ferrari.

How was Borosangoy Ferrari born?

To develop Ferrari Purosangue participated in Tailor Made software designer With the aim of customizing a car aiming to position itself in SUV segment (in line with other reputable car manufacturers’ picks) Recalls various elements from the previous model. One of the most obvious references can be seen in Verde Dora paint, the same color as in 400 Super America.

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From a design point of view, the Ferrari Purosangue aModern architecture Which makes it possible to envision a versatile vehicle capable of combining excellent performance, Ferrari-style driving emotions and unsurpassed comfort. The sleek and sporty exterior designs perfectly express the authentic dimension of this exclusive model from the wild horse of an agile and agile car. and the Ferrari’s first 4-seater The volume of the luxurious passenger cabin allows all passengers to experience exceptional conditions of comfort.

Among the salient features of the Ferrari Purosangue design we findNo traditional calendar which has been replaced by a dihedral compound that remains suspended at the bottom. Two cochleas create a kind of disk in which the groove welcomes the parking sensors and camera Harmoniously integrated into the forms of the car. At the ends of the Ferrari Purosangue, they find DRLs all set in between Two pairs of ventilation holes which ends at the top of the side, marking the look of the style.

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The sides have an air duct under the hood that generates a dihedral that ends at the rear. The wheel arches below the fenders are visible Technical and functional elements of the Ferrari Purosangue; This solution makes the car approx Hanging coupe. The doors feature a book-like opening which already from the outside suggests an absolutely massive interior passenger compartment, much larger than one might imagine with the doors closed. This effect is made possible by Proportional fit work carried out on the wing.

The rear, which also evolves in width thanks to the imposing diffuser, muscular mudguard and sports cab, stands out. Two holes placed under the tail light which converge into two air outlets.


Inside we find the Jade brown leather upholsteryCarbon fiber is incorporated to enhance sophisticated luxury in the name of refinement and modernity. All configurations of the passenger compartment are designed to minimize overall dimensions and provide maximum comfort. Notice that there is a file Double cockpit and standard 10.25 inch screen Allowing you to fully participate in the driving experience also thanks to the fully digital interface.

The four seats, among the main novelties of the Ferrari Purosangue, are independently adjustable and made of Variable density foam that it Innovative spring system Allowing you to get remarkable relief. What’s more, the rear seats are heated and adjust and recline to be level with the trunk to greatly increase cargo capacity.

The Ferrari Purosangue engine provides a V12 65 ° allows you to reach a power of 725 hp Capable of returning not only excellent performance but also Ferrari’s distinctive and distinctive sound.

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