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A 50% non-missed discount on Form 730/2021 arrives for those who enter this expense and authorize it for the Revenue Agency.


The numerous tax credits that began last year and that have also been extended in 2021 will soon be available. Those preparing to fill out Form 730/2021 will actually be able to begin to take advantage of tax benefits for some of the expenses incurred in the tax year 2020. There is a 50% discount in Form 730/2021 for those who are to enter these expenses and authorize the revenue agency. Let’s see what it is and how to insert audio into the 730/2021 model so that it does not lose it.

How is the expenses deducted for the 730 model or one model?

The filing of Form 730/2021, or the Single Form, is a mandatory step for millions of taxpayers. Each person must file their tax return with reference to the income they earned in the previous tax year, i.e. 2020. On this occasion, those who have encountered expenses that fall within the various rewards for the home last year must correctly enter them within the declaration. Only in this way can the tax cuts be effectively utilized. One of these unmissable discounts relates to the bonus furniture and appliances that can only be used after the building renovation has begun. Also for 2021, this discount is confirmed with an interesting variation on the amount.

A 50% non-missed discount on Form 730/2021 arrives for those who enter this expense and authorize it for the Revenue Agency.

Purchasing furniture and appliances with a grade of at least A +, which lasts until December 31, 2020, can be deducted in your 2021 tax return. Pay attention to the maximum deductible amounts. Those who, after renovations, have incurred furniture and appliances expenses in the 2020 tax year, can deduct € 10,000 of the maximum expense. Given that the discount is equal to 50%, the maximum amount obtained from the discount is equal to 5,000 euros. This tax benefit is divided into 10 equal installments for whoever is entitled to it. Be sure to consider two important aspects of obtaining the discount.

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The first relates to payments: only the expenses incurred via Traceable payment (Bank transfer, debit card or credit card) will be deducted. Moreover, it is a good idea to keep the following documents: receipts of various types and invoices that prove the purchase of goods. On the Form 730, it will be possible to record every expense in Section E, Section. IIIC, line E57. Only this way comes an unmissable 50% discount on Form 730/2021 for those who enter these expenses and advertise them to the Revenue Agency.

Those preparing to request this discount in the 2021 tax year will be able to count on a higher spending cap, i.e. € 16,000. In this case, we suggest reading the in-depth study.How to get 8,000 euros tax deduction for furnishing your home in 2021“.


Pay attention to the purpose of transferring bonuses and discounts: it must be completed correctly


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