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5 purported photos leaked online, from 2018 build -

5 purported photos leaked online, from 2018 build –

starfield It returns to be seen, although there is no confirmation that it is him, in others 5 photos leaked online And come, it seems, from the usual Old building from 2018 From which other screenshots came earlier, it appears unofficially.

You can see them in This address is on Redditor in This post is on ResetEraBut remember, these are not officially released material by Bethesda for their new space game, so consider it all as rumours.

Starfield, one of the official images of the game

However, the stylistic coherence with the other alleged images is really great, suggesting that they may be original.

In any case, these are scenes from the game that are still in progress, as it becomes clear, moreover, in one of these images in which we see that the scenario is It is only partially processedwith some numbers yet to be positioned and modeled.

Bearing in mind that they will be in progress, these screenshots can still be useful to get a rough idea of ​​the general style of the game, the type of shot being used and possibly also other items like the HUD, which always looks the same. Very minimal has been seen in the past.

The style is realistic Technique Represented in the game, within that vision that the authors themselves define as “NASApunk”, meaning a fictional reinterpretation of realistic technological elements and a reference to potential developments of current space technology.

For the rest, from the last video “In the Starfield Part 2” we got more information about the Starfield, which according to Bethesda is an open world created for wanderers.

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