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Injured athletes, firefighters

Injured athletes, firefighters

Definite update – an explosion, then flames and another roar soon. Much of the locker room – attached to another room – collapsed under a thick blanket of dry dust. Dedicated to the happy football of the amateur world (football and rugby), there are only a few minutes left in the 21st when the unimaginable happens on the playing field of the Casanov de Magion. The result is an explosion and collapse when most athletes, coaches and other collaborators are lucky on the field for training.

Fate, at this point, chose the best time to avoid a tragedy: The dressing rooms and adjoining areas were practically deserted. But those ruins, after everyone’s initial bewilderment, are really scary because none of those who are there can rule out that there is someone down there. Firefighters come with experts and special anti-collapse vehicles: some guard the locker room area while others search among the rubble. Diverse studies, followed by benevolent judgment: no victim, no one left.

But two ambulances are needed, respectively, from the hospitals of Perugia And Castiglione del Lago, three people were injured and they did not risk their lives, but suffered burns and trauma. All were taken to Santa Maria della Misericardia Hospital. Press release issued by the Press Office: 50-year-old man with severe, but not life-threatening, secondary burns; Diagnosis of polytrauma in a 34-year-old man; Everything else is considered minor injuries. According to what has been learned, Kazanovoi’s sports department is private, not municipal. Athletes from the Apd Fortitudo Magione also train here. The fire brigade and police technicians have carried out all the investigations to find the cause of the fire. Investigations are ongoing.

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Updated at 11.51pm – The Casanova playground where the locker room collapse (due to a gas leak) occurred at 20.50pm is not private and municipal. Athletes booked on the Apd Fortitudo Magione train on the pitch. According to the first findings of fire department technicians, the plant’s boiler may have exploded – for some reason – causing partial collapse of the service structure for athletes and coaches. Fortunately, at the time of the explosion, the football team’s training was underway, so the dressing rooms were practically deserted.

Updated at 11.20pm – A very serious, but not life-threatening, 50-year-old injured man, 118 health workers caused a gas leak by ambulance and the resulting explosion caused a partial collapse of the dressing room at the Casanuas playground. Of Macy’s. The 50-year-old is suffering from second-degree burns and is being treated in the emergency department, according to the press office at Perugia Hospital. For the 34-year-old polytrauma, he too is currently in the emergency department. One ambulance departed from Castiglione del Lago and the other from Sylvesterini in Perugia. Others sustained minor injuries.

Updated at 22.56 – After the locker room collapsed due to the explosion, regarding the injured, The press office of Perugia Hospital noted that 8 people were not currently taken to the emergency department. But currently three people are receiving treatment: two have arrived in a private vehicle and another by ambulance. The three from the province of Perugia are 50 years old, 34 years old and 20 years old respectively. Their health is not of particular concern but is under surveillance. Fire department technicians are constantly testing between the rubble, but so far all studies have, fortunately, yielded negative results.

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A gas leak, according to the first findings, Due to its fire, part of a building in Casanuvi de Macion collapsed. Firefighters from Perugia and Castiglion del Lago are working to put out the blaze and protect the area. But people with wrecked wagons and special equipment and experts were sent to search the NIAT (fire detection unit). In fact, the building, apparently a sports locker room, had partially collapsed, so people were looking in the rubble for whoever was trapped in the rubble. According to a preliminary survey, no one will be under the rubble. Some 118 ambulances at the scene: There are injured, some have already been taken to hospital. The severity of the injured person’s health has not been released.