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100% tax credit confirmed

Mobility Bonus 2022: With the provision of May 23, 2022, the Revenue Agency has confirmed recognition of 100% of the tax credit on expenses incurred to purchase or rent electric bikes and scooters. Let’s see together the latest news on this topic.

100% Mobility Bonus: The official confirmation came from the Revenue Agency, which in the judgment of May 23 clarified how the total amount of applications Lower The total amount of funds allocated to finance the measure.

Let’s see the latest bonus news in the next article.

Mobility bonus: 100% tax credit

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with the Judgment no. 176217 dated May 23, 2022Revenue agency confirmed 100% Tax Credit for Mobility Bonus. Therefore, no reduction will be applied to the beneficiaries of the incentive.

As in the past, in order to find out the exact amount of the tax credit, it was necessary to wait for the application deadline, in order to compare the value of applications with the available funds.

This is what the Revenue Agency reported:

The total amount of tax credits resulting from correctly submitted applications, taking into account the eligible expenses indicated therein, is Below the above spending limit of €5 million.

Mobility bonus: what is it

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The Mobility bonusalso known as Bike or scooter bonus, is an incentive provided by the Conte government to purchase green transport belonging to the category of bicycle or scooter. The only way to use the bonus is through a Tax credit of up to 750 euroto be included on your tax return as well as reference to costs incurred for using bike or scooter sharing services.

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The Expense types that allow you to access the bonus:

  • Buying bicycles and hand bikesnew and used, electric, pedal assist or conventional;
  • Buy other types of electric carsnew and used, for personal mobility such as scooters, skateboards or single wheels (in accordance with Article 33 bis DL 162/2019, converted with amendments by Law 8/2020);
  • Vehicle rental for shared transportation For single use, except for cars.

The order form It is available on the Revenue Agency’s website. We remind you that the tax credit can be used on your tax return until the tax period of 2022.