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Golgi as a Consumer, 30 Factors toward Unemployment - Chronicle

Golgi as a Consumer, 30 Factors toward Unemployment – Chronicle

Available: This is the fate of temporary workers. This was stated by Giorgio Ortolani of Nidil CGIL in light of what is happening at Golgi Redaelli. For the vast majority of the 35 temporary workers managed at Golgi, who for years with various contracts have supported the staff in helping guests at the various institute locations, end of work experience and summer without income from work. “This is because Golgi, which recently launched a competition to cover the staff shortage, out of 342 candidates in the ranking, has hired only 70 for the three offices (Abbiategrasso, Vimodrone and Milan)” adds the union leader.

Of the 35 workers employed in the Golgi service, only 5 or 6 will be able to stay in business because they are in the first 70 places in the ranking. For the majority of others, even if they are present in the arrangement, so far there is certainly only unemployment from June 1. Tomorrow he will face the Golgi Federation. “Also given the fact that many employees will be absent during the summer season, we have asked Golgi to continue the service contract with Tempor at least until September or, alternatively, to speed up the insolvency proceedings, and also through fixed-term contracts for those in the arrangement. Currently there are no answers from Golgi.”

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