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10% more in 7 days

10% more in 7 days

Although the vaccination campaign continues unabated, there has been a worrying increase in cases of coronavirus in the United Kingdom.

Despite the excellent effect of the vaccination campaign, there is an increase in HIV cases in the UK. About 10% a week, and experts attribute the increase to the Indian variant.

In the United Kingdom, there is an increase in Coronavirus cases

The United kingdom Covid has not yet been defeated, as evidenced by the increase in cases recorded in the past week. Despite the excellent effect of the vaccination campaign, which appears to have reduced the spread of the virus to a minimum, within 7 days uncomfortable data are recorded: + 10% of infections in the country.

These are very low numbers compared to months ago, but in light of vaccinations, this sudden increase is a wake-up call that should not be ignored.

at Great Britain Only on Saturday May 22, 2021 are registered 2,694 new cases of the virus, 17410 in a week. The news comes on the day Al Jazeera arrives at 550 million immunized vaccines.

UK Coronavirus Cases Increase: Can the Indian Alternative To Blame?

According to experts, this increase is inevitably attributable to the spread Indian variant Covid who has been kneeling in India for weeks.

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The UK has always enjoyed excellent trade relations with the Indian country, above all London and the northwest of the island.

For this reason, the government and various local departments have required citizens to take screening tests in all western areas of London. They were registered in the capital 3424 new cases In one week, about two thousand more than the previous week.

For residents or workers Harrow, Brent, Ealing e Hillingdon, Health authorities have also requested molecular tests to be performed on asymptomatic patients. In addition to human testing, it is ongoing Wastewater analysisTo understand how quickly the virus spreads.

UK virus cases increase: Scotland raises alert level

Just like in some areas of England, the influence of the Indian form is noticeable, too Scotland The situation is not the most optimistic.

Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon Last week, the alert level was reduced to 2, but in light of the new data, it was decided to return the alert level to 3, which is the highest level.