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You’ve neglected this button on your smart TV remote until today: you can do anything with it

You’ve neglected this button on your smart TV remote until today: you can do anything with it

There is a button on your smart TV remote that you have always ignored until now. Here’s what it is.

More and more people in recent years decide on this Buy a smart TV. Its operation is similar to classic TVs, except that an Internet connection is available. Giving you a way to enjoy dozens of different apps Watch streaming contentHe listens Music and much more. They are all dressed up as corporate centers for which you decide to make your purchase.

Remote control for smart TV with hidden button, what is it –

In all this, Remote controls have also undergone many changes. We will be abandoning more and more classic buttons such as number buttons or volume buttons to make room for other convenient services specifically dedicated to streaming. If you have a smart TV, you may have noticed this already key Netflix s Prime Video. For example. But it also exists Hidden button That you’ve never used before and that lets you do it all. Here’s what it is and where you can find it.

Hidden remote control button for Smart TV: where is it and what is its purpose

This is a hidden button Which was found today On any smart TV remote control It is the latest generation, but incredibly few people use it. After discovering its potential, you probably won’t think twice before getting into it Living roomTurn on the TV and see if what we are going to tell you is real or not. But trust me, it’s that way and it will stay that way Surprised.

This is the hidden button on your Smart TV remote control –

We’re talking about Magic button, which button can be customized by the user. All you have to do is purchase Watch On 4K Pro, which is a great Chromecast-like set-top box that allows you to enjoy great features. Once you log into the software interface, you can decide how to customize it by selecting Between one app, shortcut, etc.

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And it doesn’t end there, because there’s also another device on their remote control The big blue button is where you find Free TV writing. Why this? To move from the smart interface to the classic free TV interface. In Italy, AGCOM has been pushing for a solution of this kind for some time.

This is to solve the classic problem of conflict between terrestrial digital platforms and live broadcast platforms. we will see So this set-top box will come to us soon With a magic remote control, which is currently exclusive to the Walmart chain in the United States.