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Xbox Game Pass, a surprise coming in August for all subscribers

Xbox Game Pass, a big surprise for August 2021, with subscribers who may soon have something big on their hands.

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A tactic that is increasingly appreciated in the gaming world is style Be able to seduce many users thanks to very low prices And at reasonable prices. This is because everyone should know how to use their capital wisely and video games can turn into a very expensive hobby over time.

The answer to this question is Xbox, and it works very well The growth of its community and its reputation in relation to the competition Play Station. That’s thanks game arcadeA subscription-like service where subscribed users receive a large catalog of video games for rent without having to purchase and pay for an entire game.

Another feature that Xbox gamers love is the fact that most of the video games available on Game Pass can also be played on PC through Game Pass Ultimate, giving players the freedom to use the platform they want.

And now there is talk of something big that has reached subscribers in a month August.

Big Surprise Coming to Card Game in August 2021?

One of the games that are increasingly appreciated and loved by gamers without a doubt Fate 2. And it seems that very soon there may be great news for those who want to play FPS on PC.

In fact, one was made in a Twitter post Lobby screenshot Waiting for the game and next to each player’s name there is a small icon indicating which platform the game is being played on. You may notice that one of the players has an icon windows, so you can consider a closed beta. Additionally, there is talk of a big new update for Destiny 2 which is scheduled to be released on August 24th.

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According to the leaks, there is a good chance of that Destiny 2 and all of its updates can arrive on Game Pass for PC Hence also on Game Pass Ultimate. It will be great news, which will surely give the community a new impetus and increase the traffic on the game servers.

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We are waiting for the official Xbox release in August Game Pass.