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It all collapses! Dreams, hopes and fears of winter (with snow) »

Urgent Weather Official Statement: All Fall Falls! Dreams, hopes and fears of winter (with snow) coming

Change everything this time we It is often hung over the last months in surreal warmth, but sometimes it gets beaten and even we are surprised by the extraordinary sweeping showers, we live this beginning of winter waiting for a change in the arrival of the inevitable cold that will divide us as always and as always Every time. between contact her Noun It is not.

Until a few days ago, nothing on the horizon would extinguish any imagination, but today computing centers, which are now the true architects of weather forecasts at any time, shine a light in the dark, changing views: Now everything changes (collapses)!

The bubble in which we have been dragging ourselves lazy for months, since that summer is too long for many, but perhaps too short for others, at any rate is doomed to evaporate, leaving us only the usual memories of a passing season, a holiday or just a weekend, night, star.

But the lights are on too Hopes are intertwined with dreams of the coming winterBetween the desire for snow, skiing, or solitude, afraid The season is in many ways rough and dark.

A year Winter is approaching in big strides and soon in a few hours and in the next few days it will give us many opportunities to review our city or village White To go back at least for a moment, the children, in that bubble, were still so sweet and normal, that everything was beautiful, easy, carefree, unaware of the world and life, but in general aware, ever since, that temper nature He’s always there, looking at us.

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