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You’re putting your health at risk: You should never eat these five foods raw

You’re putting your health at risk: You should never eat these five foods raw

5 foods that you should never eat unless they are cooked. Here are what they are and why you should avoid them!

There are many foods that you can eat daily and serve to all family members in the form of dishes, each of which is different from the other. However, you should know that some foods should never be tasted, let alone eaten raw. What foods should never be eaten raw, and above all, Because it would be better to avoid them?

These 5 foods should not be eaten raw –

Raw foods can contain hazardous substances that are completely eliminated once they come into contact with heat. Therefore, cooking food is an essential step in life Avoid damage to your health!

Eating raw foods is dangerous, here’s what to avoid

From wild mushrooms to red beans, there are many foods in the kitchen that should be completely avoided unless cooked.

Wild mushroom

Even if you’re familiar with the origin of wild mushrooms, never try to taste a few before cooking them. Mushrooms should never be eaten raw, as they can be dangerous and cause Even serious problems with the digestive system! Wash them carefully under running water and let them cook in the pan until completely cooked.

Foods to avoid raw
Foods that should not be eaten raw. What are the 5 most popular foods?


Potatoes when eaten raw It causes swelling and severe flatulenceThis is because it is rich in resistant starches that can damage the intestines. You can cook it in a thousand ways, so avoid tasting it raw!


It seems obvious, but many people are not yet aware of the risks they face if they eat raw meat. Undercooked or unevenly cooked pork can be very dangerous for the body because it may be Transmission of parasites Such as tapeworm or trichinosis.

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Bitter almonds

Recommended as a mid-morning snack or for making homemade desserts, first courses and second courses even tastier, almonds are a very popular ingredient in Italy. However, the almonds you find in the supermarket are often sweet and already processed, so if you find yourself buying bitter almonds, bring them. Be careful how you consume it. If it’s bitter, it means it contains dangerous levels of hydrogen cyanide, so never eat raw bitter almonds!

Red beans

Red beans are very common in Italian cuisine, and can be prepared in thousands of ways and served hot or cold. As with all legumes, red beans should also be cooked in boiling water. If eaten raw, you can ingest a significant amount of lectin, a protein found in red beans Digestive system problems. Dosage is key, and above all, eat it only if it is cooked properly.