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As we write these lines, clouds are rapidly increasing in most areas of the north and center, a sign of the constant flow of air. More wetter and unstable North Atlantic that is gradually eroding the anticyclone on the boot.

The Hassle, for the time being, it is rather weak and will not lead to the formation of severe and persistent phenomena at least until tomorrow. In fact, for the different northern regions there will be no deterioration, for example in western Liguria and Piedmont expected to suffer the effects of drought Still a long time.

The situation will change radically over the weekend: fresh and unstable air will reach the southern Mediterranean a lot. hot and sing it energy, giving life to Tornado Particularly extensive and intense.
The hurricane will move towards the Ionian Sea where it will intensify more, preferring to start the stage in particular troubled in the southern regions (Read more here).
Between Sunday and Tuesday Southern Italy will face a severe wave of bad weather characterized by continuous rain, storms and high Hydrogeological Hazard.

The following map shows a high probability of at least 5 mm of rain (in orange) on Monday:

But let’s go in order and see what awaits us in the next seven days:

Friday October 22: Very weak and isolated rain in the north-east, scattered rain over it Tuscany, Marche, Lazio, Northern Campania. Clouds rise on the Adriatic side and in the south. Steady or slightly decreasing temperatures in the north, rising in the south.

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Saturday 23 October: phenomena remaining on Northeast in the morning, scattered rain in the middle. Bad weather in the south to form a depression In the southern Mediterranean. Low temperatures.

Sunday October 24: severe deterioration in South, especially on ionic sectors, given the formation of a Tornado in the Ionian Sea. risk Storms between Sicily and Calabria. The rain spread over the central Adriatic, which is more stable and drier on the central north side than on the Tyrrhenian side and in the north. Lower temperatures in the center and south and a slight increase in the north.

Monday October 25: A cyclone in the Ionian Sea will affect a large part of the south. Storm hazards, persistent winds and storm surge in Sicily, Calabria, Basilicata and Salento. The main target of the ionic arc is turbulence. Stable in the middle and north. Temperatures drop in the south and rise slightly elsewhere.

Tuesday 26 October: Scattered rain and heavy rain in the south, especially on the Ionian side. Clouds rise in the center, but with rare phenomena. stable in the north. Slight increase in temperature.

Exceptional accumulations in the south during the next seven days (see maps):

Wednesday 27 October: The situation is roughly the same as the day before, with bad weather the protagonist in the south and especially on the Ionian Arc. Still stable and drought in the north.

Thursday 28 OctoberHigh pressure prevailing in the center and the north, residual phenomena in the south, but the situation is improving slightly.

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