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Your Russian half?  Give him the smart pillow: peaceful dreams thanks to artificial intelligence

Your Russian half? Give him the smart pillow: peaceful dreams thanks to artificial intelligence

A snoring companion can ruin our sleep, which is precisely why the recent presentation at CES 2024 generated tremendous excitement!

Rest is very important to our well-being and to encourage it it is important not to disturb it. Having a roommate who snoresThus, it can greatly undermine our rest, but even a person suffering from this disorder will certainly not enjoy a restful sleep as he should, beyond common thinking.

Recently we have been hearing more and more about it artificial intelligence How can this help us improve our lives? But few imagined that this could also improve our sleep. However, at CES 2024, a product was presented that uses artificial intelligence to interact with us while we sleep and make everyone noticeably happy. Improve sleep quality. We're talking about From the pillow of the future Produced by a Chinese healthcare company derucci, Here's how it works.

The smart sleeping pad of the future: amazing functionality

It's still there Chinese To everyone's surprise, this time he did it through the company DeRucciwhich announced for the first time last December 14 its intention to work on useful techniques to improve sleep health.

The smart pillow, you will never live without it –

Among these technologies we find the latest generation of mattresses, Smart pillow The sleep monitoring system is the real innovation built into these two products. It is precisely through this monitoring, in fact, that this is done l'IA It manages to get enough data to change the pillow while we sleep and thus we stop snoring and more. this pillow, actually, It also appears to be able to reduce the risk of apnea LaylaWhich leads to a dramatic improvement in the health of those suffering from this disease and beyond. It will also be a big turning point for the person who sleeps next to the person in question or in the same room.

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The current data is very favorable and reassuring. In fact, they report Reduced snoring by approximately 89% If confirmed, there will undoubtedly be many who would seriously consider purchasing it personally and also as an excellent product as a gift. However, the development of these technologies is only just beginning, which is the goal DeRucci It is that We take care of ourselves while we sleep Monitoring our bodies and warning us in advance about potential dangers. A huge step forward in the world of sleep health that promises to dramatically improve the quality of life of many people.