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You must wait for the first space flight of the Starship. The FAA is taking longer to approve

Just a few days ago, SpaceX was hoping to launch the Starship into space for the first time in May, but another cold shower arrived over the weekend: there In fact, the US Federal Aviation Administration has postponed the EIA deadline again Starship-related activities at SpaceX’s base in Boca Chica, Texas. This is the third postponement compared to the original December 2021 deadline. Deadline it hase been repaired The last time was on March 28, but now the FAA has announced that the opinion will not be announced until next April 29.

The SpaceX spacecraft will take off every 6 hours and will be able to transport one million tons to Mars

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The agency said it needed additional time to evaluate feedback obtained from public consultations and to complete evaluations with other agencies involved. During last month’s event held at the base of Boca Chica, Elon Musk has revealed plans to move launches from Texas to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, where SpaceX already has all the necessary licenses and where preparations have already begun to repeat the activities of the Starship program also at Cape Canaveral. Organizing the first orbital launch of the Starship in Florida will add at least 6 more months to the space program’s schedule.

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