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“You don’t have to apologize.”  So Donatella Versace defends Ferragni and accuses Lucarelli

“You don’t have to apologize.” So Donatella Versace defends Ferragni and accuses Lucarelli

Transferring the millionaire’s donation to Regina Margherita Hospital does not help Chiara Ferragni. If the influencer thinks he can clear his conscience and image with money, he has made another huge mistake. The controversy has not subsided, followers are on the run, and the spotlight is still so bright on the Balocco case, that the magnifying glass also turned to the commercial operation of Easter eggs two years ago. News of the antitrust fine resonated in the foreign press. So far, only a few people, especially his relatives, have said anything in his defense, but only in the past few hours Donatella Versace She wanted to support her publicly, commenting on a post written by Chiara Ferragni.

Donatella Versace sayings

“I would like to know exactly what Chiara has to apologize for. She and Fedez have always done charitable work“Wrote on Instagram The designer who has a great friendship with Ferragnez. Donatella Versace chose one of the participants from Sanremo 2023 to defend the digital entrepreneur, and therefore Fedez, from the social storm sweeping Chiara and her companies after the antitrust ruling, which found her guilty of unfair commercial practice. “It was the company that had to pay the contribution. they Example For Italy and for young people. List all the charities they have done over the years“, the fashion designer wrote back, explaining that she didn’t understand the whole story, which goes beyond the paltry donation Palocco made to the children’s hospital.

Criticism from social media

She then attacked Donatella Versace in her long Instagram comment Selvagia Lucarelli – But without mentioning her at all – he calls her “the person who calls herself a journalist,” as Fedez used to call her the other day, and who seems to have a poisoned tooth against her. “Ask someone who calls herself a “journalist” how much charitable work she has done. I’ll tell you: not even one euro. Shut up, it’s better for everyone, at least we’ll keep doing it charity Without having to hear comments from professional haters“, concluded the designer who also appeared in the series The Ferragnez. But her words made the situation worse, and she herself ended up in the middle of Criticisms: “She defends the indefensible.” “It’s bad when a business partner goes bad, right?” “But is she serious? Maybe because she didn’t fall in love with him, I bought this pandoro and not because it was pink.”“.

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Lucarelli dug

In addition to fueling controversy, the designer’s comment caught the attention of Selvagia Lucarelli, mentioned in Versace’s letter. Thus, the journalist re-published the comment in stories via her Instagram account, and commented scathingly: “A month to talk about Patriarchy Then “the one who calls herself a journalist”A mockery of the many feminist battles that Ferragni fought.