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You cannot use your cell phone on this island, so be sure to inform yourself before leaving on vacation

You cannot use your cell phone on this island, so be sure to inform yourself before leaving on vacation

Mobile phones cannot be used on this island: anyone who wants to vacation in this place must be very careful.

You can't use your phone on this island: here's why (

Can you do without a cell phone? Nowadays, it's really difficult, given that A smartphone is an essential tool For a whole series of necessary activities. Using a phone, we can make calls, video calls, chat, go to social media, use various applications, buy products, and much more. So, isn't it really possible to live without a phone? It doesn't seem so, since even on holidays, people spend most of their time in front of their smartphone screen.

There is no mobile phone on this island: reasons for choice

And yet it exists A place where the use of these devices is strictly prohibited: If you're thinking about taking a break from work and going on a trip, be very careful not to end up on this island, unless you're ready to give up your smartphone.

Olco Tamio, the island that banned the use of mobile phones (

But what is the place? The island in question, Ulko-Tamiu, is located in Finland, specifically in the northernmost bay of the northern country, off the coast of Hamina. The island decided to ban mobile phonesAs explained by Mats Sellin, Chairman of the Tourism Authority.

The invitation to all those who intend to enjoy a few days of holiday in Ulko-Tammio is to turn off their smartphones and… Savor the full magical experience of your stay on this island.

Specifically the goal is to enter into complete synergy with the unspoiled nature of the island (currently uninhabited), staying in some private houses or in tents without using the phone. As mentioned, the Tourism Board's proposal is just a suggestion. Visitors can continue to use the phone if they wish, also because mobile network connection is regularly present on Ulko-Tammio Island.

All the things you can do on the Finnish island (without a phone)

However, many immediately realize that a smartphone is really superfluous in this wonderful place. On the Finnish island, in fact, You can spend a lot of time hikingYou can travel by boat and it is also possible to go up to better enjoy the wonderful panoramic views.

Moreover, you can taste it on Olco Tamio Island Some typical local dishes: An experience you can experience more intensely if you don't look at your phone.

To have the best possible holiday on Olco Tamio Island, the advice is: Forget about smartphones and live as if these devices did not exist. Who knows, maybe thanks to this experience we will be able to start stepping away from our phones and enjoying our surroundings better.

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