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X’s farewell to Europe?  Musk denies the rumours: “It’s false.”

X’s farewell to Europe? Musk denies the rumours: “It’s false.”

Elon Musk has denied his indiscretion with a post on X Interested in trade According to which the businessman was considering the possibility of his social network not being available in the European Union. Another lie from Business Insider. I am not a real newspaper,” wrote its owner Digital Services Law.

In fact, in August, the Digital Services Act officially came into force, a new package of rules developed by Brussels to regulate the digital world and counterbalance the excessive power of… Big technology. Among the changes, stricter standards are expected regarding content moderation and the removal of false or misleading information. All activities that must be carried out by companies that own social platforms, under penalty of penalties. Last week, European Commissioner Thierry Breton announced that the EU executive was “investigating X’s compliance” with the new rules. In the event of non-compliance with the daily subsistence allowance, the Commission can impose fines of up to 6% of the company’s annual revenue. The bill was somewhat pricey for Musk, who is already dealing with the social platform’s troubled management. Certainly, the disputes between the South African billionaire – who has American citizenship – and European institutions are not new. It even dates back to the early days after Elon Musk bought Twitter. “The bird is now free,” the businessman tweeted after the ownership change became official. A tweet to which Thierry Breton himself responded, noting: “In Europe, the bird will fly according to our rules.” second Interested in tradeEurope currently represents about 9% of X’s global active user base. As for the company’s European sites, there are very few left. The American newspaper wrote that offices in Paris, Madrid and Berlin are closed. On the Old Continent only offices in Dublin and London remain open.

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