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'Premium Green Passage discriminates against Sardinia'

‘Premium Green Passage discriminates against Sardinia’

Exposed in the Sassari Prosecutor’s Office of Irs, Progres and Tora: ‘A smear enough to travel’

Sassari. A complaint to the Public Prosecutor of Sassari to report what independence activists iRS, ProgrReS and Torra considered “a violation of the right of Sardinian citizens to move freely and therefore the right to health, study and work”.

The impossibility of leaving the island without a reinforced green pass basically means that Sardinians do not have, like other Italians, the possibility of moving from one region to another. ‘It would be enough,’ they explained yesterday morning, sitting before the court of Sassari, ‘to take a quick smear before boarding the plane. It would obviously represent a healthier form of health precaution than that provided by the green certificate obtained for vaccination or for infection with the virus, which certainly cannot guarantee that a person infected with the virus is not positive, and therefore capable of infecting an unknown number of people.” For iRS, ProgReS and Torra “The law in force does not make sense even before it is discriminatory: in fact it not only protects the health of society, but defines unacceptable inequality among citizens on the basis of where they live”.

Sardinian politicians are being targeted. “They were able to overcome the resolve and power of even the mayors of the small islands who, representing a few hundred people, immediately denounced discrimination against their fellow citizens, and got them some dispensation from the state within a few hours.” Not just a complaint in the Prosecutor’s Office: the separatists are ready to send the report to the main European bodies: Parliament, the Commission and the Council. and to the United Nations Human Rights Council.