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Andros, the majestic archipelago of the Bahamas – Sivagia

Andros, the majestic archipelago of the Bahamas – Sivagia

There is a place in the world that feels like a piece of heaven has fallen to earth. The islands – all called by one name although each has its own – are truly a wild dream and have remained practically intact. The place in question is called AndrosWhich many consider a wonderful corner of Greece in the Bahamas.

What is the relationship of the Bahamas to Greece?

It is right to ask this question, because the pure beauty of the Bahamas certainly has nothing to envy to the equally exceptional Greece. Yet, somehow, their stories are intertwined. In fact, in Greece there is an island with the same name as this paradise in the Bahamas, which is why, according to some theories, the name Andros is derived precisely from Sponge hunters Coming from Greece, who settled here many years ago for a long time.

However, this is not the only hypothesis. Many claim that Andros is named in his honour Sir Edmund Andros, Commander of His Majesty’s forces in Barbados in 1672 and later governor of New York, best known for his role in the collapse of New England control.

However, according to other hypotheses, the island may have taken its name from the inhabitants of the island of Sant’Andrea (also called Sant’Andrea or San Andres) off the coast of Honduras because, according to reports, 1,400 immigrants settled in Andros. In 1787.

There is no clear information as to why this corner of the Bahamas has its name, but what is certain is that here, between 1841 and 1938, people settled from Greece to practice sponge fishing, then migrated in the 1930s when the sponges were wiped out due to infestation. Certainly, therefore, Andros also retains some small details about Greek culture.

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what are you expecting

Andros is not just an archipelago: it is The largest in the Bahamas, It is actually made up of a total of three islands, North Andros, Mangrove Cay, and South Andros, and several smaller uninhabited islands. As you can imagine, it is a strip of land with dream beaches, a sea that seems sparkling with its clarity, and also a piece of the world with One of the longest coral reefs in existence.

But it doesn’t end there, because this fairy-tale place is also the cradle of lush vegetation and is the ideal habitat for many bird species.

A place that has remained practically intact and offers endless adventures for outdoor enthusiasts.

what do you see

Yes, Andros is the largest archipelago in the Bahamas, but you’ve probably never heard of it because it’s the least visited island in the country. The reason certainly cannot be found in the fact that it is less beautiful than the others, because it is precisely its size that presents a “problem”: being particularly large, it is not entirely convenient for movements that can, in some circumstances, also occur by plane – even on the same island.

This is unfortunate, because it is full of wonders that are not easy to find anywhere else. An example of this is a village Red bays Which is located on the northwestern tip of North Andros. It is a place inhabited by descendants of Seminole Indians and slaves who fled Florida in the 17th and 18th centuries and who still pass down customs and traditions from a time that has now passed down to us. Do you know how they earn their living? straw weave, This is an activity that, if launched on our continent, would seem light years away.

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It’s definitely great conch sound, The Blue Hole is one of the geological wonders that takes your breath away and proves to be the perfect place for diving enthusiasts. It’s certainly no exception Morgan Bluff, the cave and refuge of the fearsome pirate Morgan where, according to folklore, there is treasure buried in the dark, among the bats and stalagmites. However, it should be noted that historians have never confirmed that this cave was the hideout of the most feared pirates in the Caribbean.

In the surrounding area, among other things, there are wonderful little-known beaches, those gems of nature that only the inhabitants can point out to visitors.

Other unusual blue holes arise in…island Mangrove Cay There are many: about twenty, some hidden in the bush and others a stone’s throw from the coast. But here, in Andros, is the world’s largest concentration of these amazing sea cenotes.

Andros is also a fascinating national park area such as, for example Central Andros National ParksLocated directly on Mangrove Cay. In addition to blue holes, colorful coral reefs live here, the third longest coral reef in the world with a length of 306 kilometers, and many mangrove forests. However, animal lovers will be able to see Bahamian iguanas, several species of butterflies and some rare snakes.

Close your eyes and think about the sky, its image will appear in your mind Congo Beach, without knowing it. It is a silvery beach surrounded by surprisingly turquoise waters.

Finally, you can’t miss stopping by crab regeneration reserve, A national park covering an area of ​​40,000 acres, it is home to millions of crabs.

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Curiosities and myths

Andros is great, but also Full of curiosities and legends. In fact, the mysteries are not only related to the origin of its name or the possible existence of one of the most feared pirates of all time. Many unresolved questions are also associated with its discovery: it is said that the first man to discover this island was Amerigo Vespucci, but in fact it is not yet clear whether this fact is the result of popular imagination or not.

Moreover, it may seem that this is a land inhabited by unusual creatures, e.g chiccharnis, Which inhabit many beautiful pine forests in the area. They are half birds and half men, and they have powers that help them protect this island from evil. It is not surprising that they are considered the lucky charm of all Bahamians.

Then there is the so-called Lusca, dragon-like creatures that spend their time in the gorgeous blue holes of the ocean. But be careful, because, unlike the Chickcharnees, the Lusca are not good at all: they are monsters capable of sucking their victims into that deep underwater lair.

Between folklore and wonder Andros should be a destination to put on your bucket list.