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Work meetings, the new Google application saves you from dismissal: colleagues will not suspect anything |  You can download it today

Work meetings, the new Google application saves you from dismissal: colleagues will not suspect anything | You can download it today

A boy connects to Google using his tablet – Source Depositphotos –

If you have little time to attend meetings, you need to download this app. Follow the precious instructions to save valuable time.

the Business meetings In Italy, it can vary depending on sector, company size and regulatory preferences. However, there are some general characteristics that often characterize business meetings.

It can be formal, especially in large companies or traditional organizations. They often follow a pre-determined agenda and are conducted according to a certain hierarchical structure. It is recommended to arrive early to meetings to show your respect to other participants.

In general, Italians tend to communicate directly and clearly. In business meetings, people are expected to express their opinions openly and be able to defend their positions.

In informal meetings or during long breaks, there may be an opportunity to share a A moment of familiarity About a cup of coffee. This is an aspect of Italian culture that reflects the social importance of downtime moments.

The need for remote meetings

In some contexts, there is an emphasis on open discussion and reaching collective decisions. Group cohesion and compatibility can be key elements in some business dynamics.

In recent years, after pandemicRemote meetings, or virtual meetings, have developed increasingly and are becoming increasingly popular in Italy as well, especially given new technologies and increased flexibility of work.

A young man is having a job interview
A young man conducts a job interview – Source Depositphotos –

Google Meet introduces a new feature

Video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype Others are widely used to facilitate remote meetings. These meetings can include participants from different geographic locations and allow for effective communication even without physical presence. Having a reliable internet connection and the right hardware is essential to participating in virtual meetings.

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One of the most widespread is definitely Google is dead Which recently decided to encourage participation even for those who commute or drive. In fact, the interface will be much simplified, and the video will be automatically interrupted while the possibility of watching a joint presentation appears. In this way, the important update of the application tries not to distract the person who is busy traveling on foot or by car.