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With the climate, Crociani rejects Bonelli’s shocking proposal. and winks at Giuliacci – Il Tempo


Colonel Mario Giuliaci exposed the shenanigans in record temperatures. As a meteorologist, the expert pointed his finger at those who warn, without any basis, of a rise in temperatures. Often 40 or 45 degrees advertised on the net will not correspond to the real data. “It would have been a massacre of the elderly, hecatomb,” Giuliaci explained in an interview with Libero. The colonel’s words are commented positively by Giuseppe Crociani who, in the last episode of La Zanzara, harshly criticized Angelo Bonelli and the proposal to introduce the crime of climate denial.

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I want to light a candle for Colonel Giuliaci on his final words: “June was below average, it rained heavily.” Even if July is the hottest month ever, if it is the same as August, the average will never result in the hottest summer ever,” said the radio host. He then went on to say, “Many no longer respect the audience, they intimidate and don’t think about the consequences. It’s a bustling meteorologist. To co-operate with me I always say: ‘If you say record heat, I will fire you.’ Colonel Goliaci, applause! Slap the climate terrorists down.”

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So the topic of discussion became the latest proposal by Angelo Bonelli. A Green Europe spokesperson has in fact spoken of intending to propose a bill to punish those who confuse the meteorological phenomenon with the symbol of climate change. “I’m going to introduce a bill that makes climate denial a crime, because those who baffle, especially if they have institutional roles, do more harm than cold and floods and heat and drought. We have to start recognizing that climate denial is no different from other types of denial,” Bonelli said.

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Verdi’s European spokesperson’s remarks ended up in the eyes of Crociani. The radio host did not back down: “Bonelli, because he has nothing to say, he has to invent every day. He wants to present the crime of climate denial. If someone disagrees with those who say all scientists are, all scientists should be indicted, the UN or I don’t know who else, tell them Cruciani is a denier.”


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