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With the arrival of autumn, storms and heavy rains are approaching: here’s how to protect your balconies and gardens without spending a lot

With the arrival of autumn, storms and heavy rains are approaching: here’s how to protect your balconies and gardens without spending a lot

Once summer is over, it’s time to think about how to protect porches and outdoor spaces, including accessories.

Once the “October holidays” are over, the weather forecast – and in any case the trend of the seasons regardless – will provide us with some inconveniences: thunderstorms, heavy rain, wind and perhaps even some extreme events. After experiencing the garden, terrace or balcony, we will have to relax everything. Fortunately, we can do this without spending a fortune, thanks to smart solutions.

Let us not forget, then, that outside our home there are not only precious furniture and accessories to protect; Let’s think about Solar panels, despite technological innovation, still suffer from some fragility. Even household appliances and tools used in garden maintenance need to be protected, and unfortunately there is not always a “home” to store them. Finally, a Particular attention should be paid to swimming poolsWhether small or large, external or not, because the water filtration system is also at stake above all else. Here’s what experts suggest.

How to protect balconies, outdoor spaces, and accessories during the winter

We can benefit from simple tools to reduce weather damage in our gardens, balconies or terraces, whether small or large.

A simple sheet can protect verandas and outdoor spaces even in the middle of winter

For example, sometimes it is enough to equip yourself with Anti-cold eyelet sheet, available in any store and also online, where you can often find cheaper prices. In addition to plants, we will be able to create a kind of Barrier against dry leaves Which will inevitably flutter on our balcony or garden.

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The ideal situation would be to be able to store all outdoor furniture in the garage or other protected areas, but if this is not possible we can resort to Custom covers designed specifically to protect chairs, furniture, cabinets and outdoor accessories.

If the exposure of your outdoor space allows, we can also install one Polypropylene shelter, economical, light and well designed. If we have a compactly furnished space, we can take advantage of folding gazebos, available in different sizes, which can protect everything inside very well. It is ideal for the garden but can be placed in any open space. There are some that are really cheap, they are light and easy to assemble.

Let us clearly remember which plants deserve special attention. Those who do not like extremely cold temperatures, winds or night frosts can be protected with non-woven fabrics, which are also readily available and do not have very high prices. So, with some precautions, and without spending a fortune, we can keep everything outside and wait for good weather so we can enjoy it.