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WhatsApp, a new boom in account sharing: what can be done

WhatsApp, a new boom in account sharing: what can be done

WhatsApp never ceases to amaze its users. New account sharing feature coming soon.

DoThe most used messaging app in the world This is the reason why in recent years WhatsApp has been trying to offer more advanced features to its users. The purpose is Simplify online communication And prevent users from escaping to other messaging apps like Telegram.

WhatsApp: new feature coming soon)

One of the latest news that has made many Whatsapp users happy is The ability to correct sent messages within 15 minutes. Meta has now announced another revolutionary feature. WhatsApp developers have announced that the beta program for a new feature has successfully ended and will be coming to Android and iOS devices in the coming days.

that it A new way to link the account From the famous messaging application to WhatsApp Web without using a QR Code But the phone number. The need for this method of communication arose due to the difficulty that many users faced in accessing WhatsApp Web due to a Camera malfunction.

WhatsApp: A new way to share accounts is coming

Instead, with the new feature, all users can connect to WhatsApp Web, i.e. connect the application on the computer. Beware, though, again You cannot associate the same phone number with another smartphone.

Connect to WhatsApp Web
WhatsApp: a quick way to connect to your computer (

So to see if New feature Already activated, then you need to open WhatsApp on your smartphone and your computer ( You have to do it from your smartphone research connected devices (On Android, tap the three vertical dots) Then tap Connect a device.

Instead of bringing the smartphone closer to the computer to scan the QR code, tap Connect with the phone number. After entering your number, a An 8-digit code to be entered on a smartphone. At the same time, a confirmation notification will arrive. The next step is to enter the code – WhatsApp Web is now active.

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From the mobile phone, it is also possible to click on the option Instead, call the phone number And enter the 8-digit code generated after entering the phone number (attention: Never enter unwanted characters).

We remind you that WhatsApp can be used simultaneously on up to 4 connected devices and one phone. Thanks to this new feature, users will be able to Easily access your WhatsApp account and all messages without having to log out and back in multiple times.