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What will Netflix homes be like?

What will Netflix homes be like?

The stores will be opened in 2025: they will be opened first in the United States and then in strategic cities. The company's goal is to create new forms of entertainment for the masses.

We're talking about Retail entertainment. Netflix is ​​no longer just a platform, and its long-term strategy is innovation New forms of participation that take shape in the real world. That's why the streaming giant decided to open Netflix House. These are not just stores to buy gadgets and t-shirts from TV series, but will resemble shopping malls where… Eat, buy, play and participate in shows And events. “We've noticed how much fans love to immerse themselves in the world of our movies and TV shows, and we've been thinking a lot about how to take that to the next level.”

The strategy is an old one, years ago companies in the entertainment world would invest in theme parks, rides and carnival costumes to dress up as their favorite characters. that it Parallel business Which not only increases revenue, but more importantly fuels fan imagination. Netflix Homes likely won't be a huge source of income for the company; New promotional tool.

Netflix House: When and where it will open

The first Netflix stores are expected to open 2025. The physical locations will be opened in the United States and then will be opened in other cities of strategic importance to the platform. The idea of ​​Netflix House is Josh Simon, head of consumer products for the company, was appointed in 2020. Already in 2021, Simon opened the online store, where it was possible to buy goods from the platform and from the most successful series and films. But Netflix doesn't just want to sell gadgets; Netflix Houses actually aspire to be one Modern theme parks Which follows the Disney and NBC Universal experiences.

Platform-specific pop-up stores

In fact, Netflix has been experimenting with its own products for years Pop-up store, pop-up shops for the masses. The platform launched 40 of them in 20 different cities. Among these “The Queen's Ball: The Bridgerton Experience”, a traveling event inspired by the Bridgerton series with actors, live music and dancing, in Las Vegas instead Jump to the Stranger Things topic.

At the beginning of 2023, A Temporary restaurant Who served the dishes? Created by the chefs of the Netflix series. Netflix Houses will resume pop-up stores but they will be permanent. It will therefore be possible to have themed dinners, buy clothes, or participate in events inspired by the platform's TV series and films.

Cooperation with international brands

Netflix has been struggling for some time to avoid falling into the “streaming platform” category. He wants to be more. And Netflix Homes proves that. The company has already increased its cooperation with international brands. Sports brewing Launched a non-alcoholic beer themed with The Witcher, Lacoste Instead, she posted a line inspired by Stranger Things (to promote Season 3, Netflix has partnered with 75 brands). All products available on the commerce site will likely end up on store shelves with new themes for the platform.