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What is the icy Siberian wind approaching Burian, Italy »

What is the icy Siberian wind approaching Burian, Italy »

Weather: What are the icy Siberian winds approaching Burian, Italy?

Burian may come to ItalyWe will reveal when it will be back soon Burian Or Buran, whatever you prefer, as we have explained on many occasions, our language is derived from Greek and then Latin (not Russian), and we can find the word Borias in ancient Greek. in ue of e in i, passage in buriya(n) o Puriana This is immediate, as in many Italian dialects the word Buriana refers to Burian.

So other etymologies that can be directly connected to Russian must be ruled out, if anything to the contrary, the Russian word Puran is apparently derived from the same common Greek and Indo-European root, but with modifications derived from the use of another language, Italian.
On that day Weather front Instead “Big Dream” Burian will return very soon and look like reality Frost waves Even Rome froze in 1996, 2006, 2012 and 2018 (how can we forget the snow and heavy snowfall in January 1985?): according to recent updates and relevant statistics “Siberian wind“Maybe back in early February, probably in the final Seasonal There will be surprises, everything depends on behavior polar vortex.

In detail Burian It is a snow wind It sweeps through the endless Siberian lands and Kazakh steppes in winter towards the Urals or the Sarmatian plains of European Russia. Sometimes the wind speed can reach 100 km/h and it is accompanied by blizzards that lead to severe reductions in visibility, greatly increasing the sensitivity to cold. The key point is that the ice stream of air is coming from the area where it is.Cool picture“That is, a layer of very cold and heavy air near the ground and not above 1000/2000 meters. This particular phenomenon is usually limited to Russia or at most Eastern Europe, but sometimes it also appears in Italy.
But What triggers these frost waves?? there The reason It must be sought Above the North Pole Between January and February, a sudden event occurs every 5/6 years Stratwarming. In meteorology, this term refers to the unusual and intense heating of the Earth’s stratosphere, on the order of 30°/40°C within a few days, above the Arctic. This warming, once active, gradually extends towards the upper troposphere. Divides the polar vortex into several regions. That’s what could happen in early February, when calculations sense an episode of stratwarming over Siberia that could actually lead to the collapse of the polar vortex.

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This has already happened in the past, and for this reason we know very well that the edges of the gyre can move down in latitude and trigger massive waves of ice up to the Mediterranean basin. Despite the statistics that this event will not happen again this year, according to the latest updates, a Strong warming in the upper stratosphere Already in Siberia. For this reason, a busy phase at the hemispheric level from February 7-8 cannot be excluded. Danger of cold From Russia to the Mediterranean region. If this is confirmed we will deal with it Below average temperatures And maybe even Snow falls even in low lying areasFirst in the north and may extend to very low altitudes to the rest of Italy.

As these are long-term forecasts, it should be kept in mind for clarity that what we are proposing is a general view of the expected time and not a detailed forecast for a single location or useful for planning one’s personal life.