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Ariana Fontana: “Never had connections to compete with America”

Ariana Fontana: “Never had connections to compete with America”

“I never made a claim To represent America. I only wrote that I was in Salt Lake City to check on the working methods of that group. But I have no direct connection with the US Federation and the US Federation is not trying to hire me without my knowledge. Ariadne Fontana In an interview about the recent controversies Gazzetta dello Sport. The most successful Italian woman in sports history (11 medals, 2 gold, 4 silver and 5 bronze in short track between Turin 2006 and Beijing 2022) denies wanting to give up the Italian national short track team. to go Milan-Cortina 2026 Olympics with America. “I think they want to go beyond my words. By understanding them, very false deductions have emerged, but in the national team, after the Beijing Games, nothing has changed. So I am forced to explore other options. And I will do so until the truth comes to light. On the contrary I’m fighting precisely because this is happening. I will be requesting the reopening of the case filed by the attorney for Federal President Andrea Gios. How? Basically I can’t go into more documents, merits, but I will still provide new material that I believe will lead to a different outcome than it was. When all is revealed, ​​Returning to represent the tricolor would be a great honour, but those who care about Italian sport cannot allow the athletes, technicians and federal managers to behave irresponsibly. will not”.

Ariana Fontana breaks the ice: She wants to skate for America. Federation: “Enough is enough”

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By Mattia Chiusano and Cosimo Cito