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What is My Netflix and how to use it

What is My Netflix and how to use it

Many people spend dozens of minutes browsing the list of available content, without choosing a movie or episode, or they do not find what they started watching.

One of the main problems for those who have at least one subscription Streaming platform It’s choosing the content you want to see. Why There is a lot of supply: The catalogs of Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and other platforms are now truly massive Choose a movie or series It is often a time-consuming activity.

And also because it happens that you scroll through trailers, start seeing something, save some content and then lose it and never find it again. So it also happens that you have to start from scratch. To avoid all this Netflix Introduced, at the end of July 2023, “My Netflix“.

What is my Netflix account?

My Netflix It is a new button that has been inserted into the interfaceSmartphone Applications Netflix Android and iOS, Bottom right. The icon is the profile of the person viewing and the button remains visible even while browsing the app.

In practice it is one New section of the application, which brings together heterogeneous materials. First, inside My Netflix there are all the contents that the user has expressed satisfaction with excellent.

But there are also downloads Saved series and movies in “My list“, I Tractor already displayed, Chronology For recently viewed content note For new user defined versions.

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So we can define My Netflix as part of Netflix It looks more like the userthe place where the user can find it again Which he definitely likes Thanks to him, he canFollow the topic“.

How to use My Netflix well

The My Netflix section is populated by the app, based on your account User behaviors: The more he interacts, likes the content, saves or downloads some episodes, the larger the section becomes.

the The real limit From My Netflix is ​​that “bubble“: It includes Just what the user likes, there is nothing completely different that he would like (if only he tried it). That’s why you should use My Netflix Along with other toolssuch as personalized suggestions or “Play something else“, which provides the user with other content.

Netflix syndrome

My Netflix, Play Something Else and many small details of the Netflix interface are responsible for “medicine“What’s called”Netflix syndrome“, any “”Netflix syndrome“.

This term refers to the problem that many ordinary users of the platform have: they do not know how to choose what they want to see and experience. Dozens of minutes of scrolling through the list of available content.

This is bad for both the user and Netflix, which has a vested interest in the user’s viewing More content, not less. It has gained increasing interest since the subscription was introduced Standard with adsWhich includes watching commercials between one piece of content and another, and within longer content.

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If the user with the syndrome has a subscription to commercials, in fact, eventually He doesn’t watch movies or commercials.