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What is it and how is it obtained?

A new bonus for Italian homes is coming: this is the bonus for the 2022 awnings. Let’s see how it works and how we get the discount, which can be from 50% to 110%, and the timing of getting the 2022 bonus.

The Extra umbrellas It has been in force in the Italian legal system since August 6, which was introduced by one of the many ministerial decisions aimed at revitalizing the sectors most affected by the pandemic. Many of these bounties, such as those for parachutes, have remained, and are still used today.

So let’s see when it can be used and how much Discount in 2022.

Extra parachutes: what are they and how do they work?


As mentioned, the canopy bonus is effective from August 6, 2020, which can be used if certain requirements are met. The bonus consists of a discount covering Expenses incurred up to 50%, but this can still increase in some cases. One of those when you’re at the 110% Superbonus.

It can be used in case of purchase or installation Sun screens or portable blackout shutters. Among the interventions listed there are also those to remove pre-existing structures and the relative fees of the professional responsible for following up on the task Ines.

Extra tents: who can claim the bonus?


Let’s see now What subjects can apply for the 2022 Umbrella Bonus. The requirements were set by Enea itself and can be summarized as follows:

  • They subsidize energy rehabilitation costs;
  • They are owners of single residential real estate units (application can also be submitted by spouse and relatives up to the third degree) or joint parts of apartment buildings (condominiums).
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As mentioned, the canopy bonus can also be used in Super Bonus 100%is evident in the presence of driving actions such as:

  • Thermal insulation works
  • Replacing air conditioning systems.
  • It works to reduce the risk of earthquakes.