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How much do you do with a full tank? What you do not know about new cars

To use the car, we all know very well that we have to fill the car. But how much do we do at maximum capacity? What you don’t know about her.

Electric cars have long been an inevitable part of our lives. However, many are not fully aware of the properties that affect these compounds. Independence, for example, is always a much discussed point. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula, just like traditional cars.

Automatic, what we do with a full web source May 14, 2022

But you can measure car consumption thanks to the measurement method – WLTP – the same. This mode is based on real driving data and helps simulate driving conditions even if the cars aren’t ready to go on the road yet. Very useful, isn’t it? Sure, that’s just It is not even enough to accurately say how much we consume from an electric car.

Electric cars: how much do they consume, the details

First of all, it is necessary to know that autonomy is variable. It depends on the conditions and also on specific cars compared to others. Yes, because each model is able to offer a specific mileage (depends on battery capacity). The average range of an electric vehicle is about 400 km, and it can reach a maximum of 700 km.

Basically, 70% less heat-absorbing cars. In any case, “extra” kilometers can be obtained by improving the efficiency of the battery. Even if it’s up to you. Like any car, in fact, even electric cars must be serviced. If you do it well, you will definitely save money and independence at excellent levels.

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May limit the use of air conditioning. It is best to cool down your car slowly, preferably during the trip. Driving style can also affect the range of your vehicle. The secret is: Consistent speed, limited performance, and unsurprising acceleration. On the highway, if possible, do not exceed 110 kilometers per hour.

Electric car (web source) May 14, 2022
Electric car, what you need to know about autonomy (web source)

Even a parcel shelf can have an effect: It’s best to take it apart, if you don’t want to take advantage of the column sooner than expected. Even parking in shaded areas is always better. If this is not possible, outfit yourself with sunscreen to prevent the passenger compartment from getting too hot. Unsuitable tires can reduce range. In 2022, there are hardly any tires without sensors capable of constantly measuring pressure. But a check never hurts anyone, does it?

How much does it cost to fill an electric car

In general, the cost of a full tank for an electric car varies according to charging methods (for example, in your home or in a public parking area – cases where different rates apply), and the capacity of the battery.

So how much does it cost to fill up an electric car? About 4 euros, if you recharge your car – perhaps a medium-displacement – to have a range of 100 km. To understand that a gasoline-powered car requires about 12 euros to travel a hundred kilometers.

Anyway, there are top-up service providers that offer pay-as-you-go pricing for a single recharge. They offer fixed rate plans, for recharging on public land, allowing customers to save on top-up rates.

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