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What few people know about the cup

the coffee. This cup, which is a symbol of Italianism, is an indispensable ritual for millions of people. Obviously we are talking about espresso, the Italian coffee par excellence. We know about that Countless shapes: Narrow, tall, hot, cold macchiato, small cup and large cup. However, some of our perceptions of the cup are not the most correct.

To evaluate the strange story, in a video clip posted on Republic.itAnd Giorgio Calabresea physician and nutritionist, who explains in just over sixty seconds some of the most widespread doubts about the Cup.

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One, in particular, which relates Long coffee, which according to popular belief will be “less exciting” than a classic espresso. All of this is not true, according to Calabrese, who explains: “Caffeine is not found in abundance in strong coffee, but in American coffee.” In fact, he continues: “In Toto’s box A double dose is taken, if not triple. We must also pay attention to the moment we drink caffeine: on an empty stomach, the caffeine will be absorbed immediately,” the expert concludes.

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