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What are solar trees and how do they work

What are solar trees and how do they work

Solar trees are an alternative to classic solar panels. These devices perform the same functions, but have important advantages. Let’s see together.

The solar trees (Solar the trees) Excellent Alternative to classic PV panels. This simulates the shape of a tree with solar panels instead of a canopy and allows for height savings Regarding the energy consumption of the city in which it is installed.

Let’s see how they work together.

Solar trees: what are they made of?

Solar cells

a solar tree It is called that because it takes the form of a real tree with gods instead of its leaves Solar Panelswhich captures solar energy and turns it into electricity, and branches transmit it through a trunk to a central battery inside.

Advantages of solar trees

tiles, solar

Therefore, the operation and utility of these devices is the same as traditional solar panels, except that they are of great importance benefit: On the one hand land consumptionare better on a large scale, because they grow higher.

Moreover, according to EcoWatch by a renewable energy expert Carsten NeumeisterThis solution means Less maintenance:

In addition to cleaning debris from solar panels from time to time, solar trees are self-contained electrical units that require little or no maintenance.

High advantage is that solar trees Shadow generation In urban environments, reducing the amount of heat energy that is reflected off surfaces such as asphalt, concrete and brick:

This aspect can further assist in counteracting the more serious impacts of climate change

Finally, they provide the possibility to “educate” to Clean energy awareness:

Indeed, the structures immediately attract attention, conveying a message of creativity, resourcefulness, modesty and the need to integrate sustainability into everyday life.

Solar trees are mostly found in city centers, also consideringaesthetics This allows saving energy consumption for the city without spoiling the vision of citizens and tourists.

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