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Available at the home where BTS filmed in SOOP

Available at the home where BTS filmed in SOOP

BTS summer. The house where the band filmed the second season of IN THE SOOP is available for one night on Airbnb.

to me All K-Pop fans: the gorgeous villa in the Korean countryside where I am BTS, the most famous K-pop star in the world, filmed the second season of their reality show Bookable for the first time ever Airbnb.

BTS Palace

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Dr..During the filming of the second season of the reality show In SOOP BTS ver. season 2produced by HYBE, The The band members relax and take a break From the dense agenda of daily commitments stay in the villaIncluding a dip in the pool, shooting a basket and jumping onto a trampoline.

Just like BTS, two travelers from the podium You will have the opportunity to stay in the villa, and enjoy the peace of PyeongchangWhere the property is located, South Korea is a mountainous region famous for its vast forests and unique scenery.

Living room

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TheAccommodation for two people planned The night of August 29 will be Bookable starting August 2 for only $7, which is a symbolic number that indicates the number of members of the band. Two travelers will be able to embark on the same activities that BTS enjoyed until a few months ago. of between it Sample their favorite dishes, such as rice cakes, tteokbokki or Korean beef (“Best food in the universe” according to BTS). Or even go for a karaoke night or explore the band’s entire discography, including Proof, their latest album.

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How to book

The Travelers can Submit their booking request starting Tuesday August 2 at 4am (11 o’clock KST) on the page They are responsible for their travel to and from Seoul during Accommodation includes 20 minutes drive from KTX PyeongChang Station to the house.

For those who are curious to discover accommodations surrounded by nature, Airbnb recently launched a program CategoriesA new way to find unique accommodations. and with what follows 200,000 properties in the countryside around the world, “in the soop” solutionsIn the woods, certainly not lacking.

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