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Weather, what will the weather be like this weekend: forecast

Weather, what will the weather be like this weekend: forecast

What will the weather be like in Umbria? Here are the forecasts for Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 August, published on the website of the Territory Career Center and updated at 10.43 on Friday 19 August.

Regarding the overall mass situation, “The low pressure vortex has isolated itself from the main flow (which now flows beyond 50N latitude) affecting central Europe, with a work center (1,066 hPa) in northern Italy. It affects the system Anterior. It is in an advanced stage of occlusion and everything is moving rapidly towards the east. Consequently, the new and temperate currents of the Northwest Atlantic will affect a large part of the peninsula.”

As for Umbria, Saturday 20 August “Infrequently cloudy sky with the possibility of scattered little rain and a short afternoon near the mountains, especially the eastern ones. Winds: From the weak northwest to medium west. Temperatures: minimum in low Slight; increasing elevations, but below average for the period.”

Sunday August 21 “Stable weather, except for some harmless cloud cover over the reliefs in midday hours. Wind: mostly weak from northern quarters. Temperatures: minimum steady; maximum slightly increasing.”

In the long term, “stable weather with maximum temperatures that will not exceed 30 degrees in most locations,” the site reads.

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