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We reveal the terrible prophecy of the virologist Pregliasco, details »


Covid, the new Omicron variant is scary: we reveal a terrible prophecy to virologist Pregliasco, the details

Dangerous Omicron variant, speaks PregliascoVirus world Fabrizio Brigliasco Back to talking about COVID variants especially from Omicron 5 and make a terrible prophecy.

We are now at B2A.75, one Omicron Which comes from India, or rather, it has been identified there but who knows where it developed in this world where this virus is spreading so much. there Omicron 5 It gives us sadness and this has properties that can somehow follow it or even have a better “performance”And the He said Excuse me, As reported by the newspaper Republic.
“Basically, what we see is a file Transition mode Between what used to be a pandemic and an endemic trend, that means not solving the problem or having small numbers every day, but waves up and down. Over time we expect a slowdown not what we see now. Unfortunately Omicron 5 somehow took us away, Bullish wave predicted However, we have already imagined, because this winter with meteorological conditions they will prefer spreading in themselves. this is Omicron It is very contagious, which also avoids protection from a previous infection, and therefore also by vaccination, it works well.” he added.

Let’s go to a new one vaccination campaign Or do you imagine not? “I think this virus It will stay at our feet for a long time With these upward waves. It would be good for 80-year-olds to be vaccinated now, because the wrong message has unfortunately gone through. Even family doctors are telling these people to wait for the new vaccine to arrive, and instead, there is a need to use the current vaccine.” confirm it I pray. “It should not be discarded, meaning that it can enhance the immune response. Next fall, studies are already underway confirming the possibility of obtaining a vaccine that includes Omicron, so it is the latest variant. I think he will reach one A vaccination campaign is like a flu campaignIt is suggested to all, and in particular to the most vulnerable and the elderly, to ensure that this aspect of the risk of disease can be avoided.”

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