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We expect Moscow to use force by mid-February

We expect Moscow to use force by mid-February

Washington and NATO allies “put on the table some proposals for possible progress if Moscow opts for de-escalation.”

Harsh measures against Moscow – If Russia refuses diplomacy and further violates Ukraine’s territorial integrity, “we will be fully allied with Italy and our other partners and allies,” Smitham continued. “We will impose tough measures against Russia, including tough economic sanctions. With our allies and partners, we will respond with strong measures that will incur significant costs for the Russian economy and financial system.”

strengthen allies Another US measure in the event of a Russian attack on Ukraine is to reinforce “our NATO allies on the eastern side, to which we have a sacred obligation, with additional forces.” According to Smithham, “we still have a chance to build a constructive relationship not based on crisis and hostility, if Putin chooses this path.”

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