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France has banned conversion therapies for gay, bisexual and transgender people

France has banned conversion therapies for gay, bisexual and transgender people

“Because being yourself is not a crime, because there is nothing to heal.” Read it like this tweet Who has the French president Emmanuel Macron It announced approval of a law banning conversion therapies for gay, bisexual, and transgender people across the country. After its adoption on January 20 by the Senate, on the day Parliament unanimously adopted the bill presented by the Vice-Republic of La République en marche Lawrence Vansonbrook Concerning ‘conversion therapies’.

from now on, reads the textAll such “repetitive practices, behaviors or statements aimed at modifying or suppressing a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity” would be considered an offense under the French Penal Code. Violators are punished with “two years’ imprisonment and a fine of 30,000 euros”. In the event that the victim was a minor at the time or “the crime was committed by a predecessor or someone who has legal or de facto power over the victim”, the penalty can be up to “three years of imprisonment and a fine of €45,000”.

The term “conversion therapies” refers to a series of practices, without any medical or therapeutic basis, intended to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. These “cures” are based on the assumption that homosexuality and transgenderism are diseases that need treatment. It may be conducted discreetly by ‘experts’ who describe themselves on the subject, or by specific representatives or adherents of sects or beliefs, proposing ‘treatment’ of homosexuals and transsexuals under the pretext of a distorted reading of their religion or beliefs. Bill Presented to the National Assembly in March 2021. These sham treatments can take the form of interviews, internships, exorcisms, or even ECT and hormone injections.

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Thus, France becomes the third country in Europe to ban this type of treatment, after Germany and Malta. In 2018 Parliament he asked Member states to ban this practice, but few states accepted the appeal. In addition to the three legislation that has already prohibited this practice, such legislation is being studied in Belgium and the Netherlands. In the latter, however, the bill can Not approved As if the executive wants to “act by force” against these controversial treatments, legally it is very difficult to determine what they are and what they entail.