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We can say goodbye to flatulence with these natural remedies that give us a flat stomach and help us lose weight.

We can say goodbye to flatulence with these natural remedies that give us a flat stomach and help us lose weight.

Your belly bulging out like a balloon is a very unpleasant sensation that affects us more and more. Clothes that pull, buttons that don’t. Through the belly, the body speaks to us and sends us signals that we must learn to grasp. In fact, in addition to the unpleasant sensation of abdominal tension, swelling tells us that something is wrong and we should investigate. The reasons can be multiple.

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Many times the reasons The bloating has nothing to do with diet, but rather with factors that have nothing to do with what we eat, such as anxiety. Indeed, stressful situations can alter the functions of the digestive system, causing intestinal upsets and meteors. Women mainly suffer from this type of problem, while the swelling in men mostly depends on excessive alcohol intake.

Eating habits also play an important role. There are foods that are hostile to the intestines that can cause bloating. Legumes are high in fiber and cruciferous. Using this term, we are referring to cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, and turnip, as the most common examples. But they are valuable foods for health We must not abandon it. If anything, we can eat them in small portions and no more than once a week. Among the legumes, it is preferable to choose lentils, which are the most digestible. Foods rich in lactose, milk and dairy products can also promote the formation of intestinal gas. Obviously, the rules are not the same for everyone and everyone should try to identify foods that are hostile to their gut.

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We can say goodbye to flatulence with these natural remedies that give us a flat stomach and help us lose weight.

What not everyone knows is that the artificial sweeteners we eat in sugar-replacement diets can cause swelling. Which is often contained in low-calorie foods, including drinks.

Whatever the cause, those who suffer from bloating experience a strong feeling of discomfort. They are often discouraged from dieting because they fail to produce significant results.

What can really be done? First of all, identify foods that make us bloat and reduce their consumption. Then, before eating, do some breathing exercises that relax the digestive system and prepare it for the meal. Also, you should chew slowly so as not to swallow air and never eat in front of a computer or phone. Finally, have healthy ginger or fennel tea, which have emptying properties. This way we can say goodbye to flatulence and our gut will thank us.

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