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This is the best season for strengthening immunity and capillary defenses with exceptional fruit

This is the best season for strengthening immunity and capillary defenses with exceptional fruit

There are plenty of good reasons to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. There are those who make this choice for reasons of cost, those who prefer to taste the most authentic and original flavours. Finally, there are those who follow a kind of “health calendar” that links seasonality with the nutrients the body needs to keep fit. Here then, in order to counteract the effect of free radicals and enhance the functions of the body, it is possible to consume seasonal fruits with truly unique properties.

Any fruit a day keeps the doctor away?

Some define them as “superfoods” because of their extraordinary antioxidant properties. These are delicious blueberries that have now reached their maximum maturity. That is why this is the best season to strengthen the immune and vermicelli defenses with a truly exceptional and delicious fruit.

If blueberries are an excellent anti-aging ally, then I On the other hand, cranberries have an extraordinary purifying effect on some body systems. In this sense, it is always interesting to be able to make the most of the properties that each food should preserve in order to maintain its youth and health for a long time. a Healthy foodIn fact, it is not only useful for maintaining a dazzling appearance, but can help avoid the risks of many diseases. This is why it is important to diversify your foods and not throw out staples. We have provided an example in the article “Those who exclude these foods from their diet are mistaken, thinking that they are harmful to health“.

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This is the best season for strengthening immunity and capillary defenses with exceptional fruit

In the summer it is good to take advantage of lower prices and the natural ripening of blueberries. Adding foods rich in antioxidants to your diet prevents your body from aging quickly. This is a process that affects everyone, not just those who are about to reach the age of three. Moreover, antioxidants also provide valuable aid to the immune defences, keeping them active and revitalized. In addition to antioxidants, blueberries contain other substances that are able to resist capillary breakage and the formation of annoying skin blemishes. They are not the only fruits capable of performing this function in the body. We have provided a full list in the article.Stop broken capillaries that can be strengthened naturally with this delicious fruit“.

Blueberries are also a valuable source of vitamins A, B and C along with essential minerals to ensure the flow of energy to the whole body. By stimulating the metabolism, they can also help maintain excess weight and counteract weight gain.

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