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Psychological test: Which of these doors open?


Depending on the color of the chosen door, you can define your feelings. Let’s find out more

Colored doors (web source)

The Chromatology It is the science that studies colors with the relative moods that a particular tone corresponds to.

We recently met a well-known chromatologist on the small screen, Ubaldo Lanzo. In fact, the latter participated in the ongoing edition of Celebrity Island, where he highlighted his own ability.

Castaway, in fact, is able to establish Any color corresponds to each person, Based on his emotions and personality. This type of study is a sector that has recently succeeded in dazzling an increasing number of people, fascinated by the theory behind it.

Of course everything is very subjective, but there is a box of truth, and above all thanks to all those who are enthusiastic and therefore immersed in this regard Science.

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Which of these doors will open?

A well-known psychologist, as well as professor of philosophy, who is particularly interested in this type of study is the Swiss Max Locher.

The latter is in fact, Develop a specific test, according to Door color Selected by the individual, it is possible to determine his current temperament. This research takes into account various parameters, such as the difference between primary and secondary color.

The doors that his experience suggested are four, all of which have a different shade. Possible options are: Orange, green, gold and blue.

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Who chooses the door orange He is someone who loves thrill and adrenaline. A strong characteristic is self-esteem, as well as great courage with determination.

The Verdi Instead it corresponds to love for science and everything around it. Curiosity, altruism, and a desire for knowledge are other perks that reflect this tone.

After that we find the door golden. Those who choose it have an attractive personality. Moreover, they are positive, optimistic and above all people with strong ambition.

Finally, there is color BluWho corresponds to a calm, calm and responsible individual, but not only. In addition, in fact, it indicates a remarkable devotion and a strong attachment to family values ​​and peace.


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