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Warrior Cross: An extremely grueling workout that leaves no room for words


“Namo”, “Famo” and “Spacamo”. Everyone is bragging about something. High-profile friendship, blatant conquest, out-of-the-ordinary purchase. or a particularly brave act. Even in sports, as in everyday life, our ears are filled with feats like lions or the often-told supernatural efforts. But, for several years, those facts that were kept secret in our imaginations or in some gyms have come to light with the spread of particularly challenging sports.

From CrossFit to Warrior Cross

Particularly difficult fighting forms came from all over the martial arts world. But it is suitable for a small number of people. Instead, in functional sports, the first real boom was created around the world of CrossFit, which for years has seen athletes of all ages and social classes thrive. In fact, hundreds of thousands of people around the world have started practicing this discipline since 2000. “CrossFit is suitable for just about anyone. Both for seniors with heart disease and “cage fighters,” claims its creator, ex-Navy Greg Glassman. However, CrossFit has been abandoned for several years by a large portion of its practitioners in favor of a discipline, which has only recently been officially included in extreme sports, the Warrior Cross.

A discipline where words mean nothing

Ex-wrestlers, ex-rugby players, ex-boxers or MMA fighters and obviously ex-CrossFit fans let themselves be dazzled by extreme discipline not only in training but also due to the fact that competitions are held outdoors only, be it hot, rain or snow. The Warrior Cross, also because of this peculiarity, has narrowed down the field of “namo, vamo, spacamo”. It is a system where words never set foot, leaving room for facts only and exclusively. The exercises are very challenging, not done with normal gym weights but with anything that might be heavy or difficult to handle. For example, rusty iron, truck tires, and gas bottles. Physical resistance is taken to the extreme with zero rest sessions in order to attempt to complete a standard 30/40 minute race.

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The hero is Manuel Schulmeyer

“The growing interest in this specialty has led to the union dividing both men and women into categories. Over time, additional categories were also created for the first practitioners who had not yet become a professional, ”says Manuel Schulmeyer, 9-time Italian heavyweight champion and creator of this very strict system. Manuel 54 years old, a mountain of steel muscles, 13-year-old son Cristian who has already died as a swimming champion, in addition to the granite values ​​​​surely left his son the DNA of the champion, he spent his athletic youth on the fields of American football, where he basically won everything.

Adrenaline and the need for hard workouts

“When I had to leave because of my advanced age, I felt the rush of adrenaline and the need to train really hard. I tried all kinds of extreme sports but I could not quench this need. Once I watched a documentary with these people performing seemingly impossible feats, such as walking barefoot in rivers or swimming in frozen seas, climbing mountains or running in the desert. However, it is clear that actions can become possible with proper training! I am used to communicating with nature, cold, heat, rain and mud are part of my life, like special forces personnel who have to make the most of any situation. That is why this system leaves no room for gossip or fashion but only for concrete facts ».

Characteristics of a super athlete

Calorie expenditure, endurance effort, explosiveness, static, flexibility, and agility are characteristics of a true super athlete. It is no coincidence that Warriorcross is considered the toughest mixed circuit race in the career world. Manuel adds: «I am 54 years old, but at the moment I have not found anyone to beat me. Sooner or later that must happen. Perhaps this is the moment when I decide to start resting and dedicating myself to my wife and my eldest daughter who, of course, has already begun to walk the training field.

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Warrior crossover, lessons and challenges

The “lessons” of this discipline, as well as on the competition field set up by Manuel in a meadow in the Veio Park, can be found in some gyms, among which is the one in Monterossi designed by Giovanni de Carolis, where the world boxing champion in the weight category stands out the middle. It is in these fields that the athletes are trained who then come to challenge each other in the Warrior Games. 4 events during the year are open to those who want to compete but also to those who simply want to watch.