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Daniel Dal Moro’s wrath vs. Elenoire Ferruzzi – Big Brother VIP

tense air between Eleanor And the Daniel.

After the last episode, Eleanor got hurt by some of her friend’s actions and stopped talking to him.

Daniel noticed the departure and tried to explain, but found a wall.

While chatting with other dignitaries in the park, a spark erupts: Daniele, accused of being ashamed to admit his feelings for Elenoire, springs off like a spring.

In an enthusiastic tone, the boy explained that he had asked her several times what she had without finding an answer. He understood that the woman was angry with him, but he did not know why.

Illinois responded by yelling at him and accusing her that she had no other way to speak but screaming. He is not afraid of her: if he raises his voice, he will do the same. She tells her that she is a liar and puts in his mouth words she did not say. He’s so angry that he swears he’ll never talk to her again.

If he really has something against him, it’s time to tell him a showdown. “Want to keep playing the game of silence? “It causes it.

Illinois told him that he only had a carnival and that he had no intention of arguing there, in front of everyone.

Daniel is exhausted: He’s been mad at him for five days and he at least wants to know why. “Talking to you is like talking to a wallHe says to end the discussion.

Furious, the boy claims that he has never done any dramas, as he is not interested in cameras or clips. Only she managed to make him so nervous.

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Since Illinois has no intention of speaking with him, Daniel leaves the group nervous.

It’s still my faultElenoire comments as soon as the boy leaves. Others try to make her think but she doesn’t listen to them and shuts herself up in her silence.