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Violation test | Do people notice that you offend them or not?

The crime test will allow you to understand how accurate you are in making others understand that you do not like them. are you ready?

Each of us, when angry at someone, reacts differently. In some cases you choose directly attack the person in front of you, Maybe even using heavy words. In other cases, however, the approach is different.


Choosing the best approach to adopt is definitely derived from person’s personality but also from continent And from of the severity of the violation received.

However, that must be said In general, the same style is always chosen. We can be very direct people, saying bread to bread and wine to wine, or people who don’t like direct confrontation.

Among other things, it must be said that often, even if direct confrontation is in great demand. It’s better not to argue with the boss, or with the building manager or with our mother’s best friend!

What do you do in these uncomfortable situations? Well, sharpen your weapons and use your delicacy to let people know – just as effectively – that we don’t really like the situation.

Violation test

To understand whether you are a subtle or direct person when you bump into someone, you will only have to Look at the picture and decide what you see first. Read the profile matching the item you’ve seen and find out how others react to your abuse!

crime test

1 – knife

The knife in the photo is very visible. It consists of two parts (one is white and one is black) but it is clear what is their relationship and function in the formation of the object.

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If the first thing that catches your eye is a knife, that means it You are a very direct person When it comes to conflicting with someone.

Simple words are not suitable for you, and even when you want to offend someone, you often do not even think about the consequences that this could lead to.

It is very easy to explain your situation, so it can be said in most cases People don’t just notice that you offend them But they are also well aware that your blows against them will not be light.

Hardly anyone feels comfortable talking to you and Many see you as a very uncomfortable person to deal with. This may isolate you from time to time, precisely because in a society like ours not everyone is willing to communicate directly and openly with someone for fear of suffering the consequences.

2 – feather

An old saying: “The tongue hurts more than the sword.” It is a metaphor to say that often words, even the most subtle and seemingly harmless, can do a lot of harm.

In addition to sharing this saying perfectly, you are also a true expert inUsing words to offend others in a very subtle way.

The people to whom you insult or criticize often do not realize what is happening before their eyes. You are so clever and wicked that your camels often seem very innocent when they are not.

One of the dangers of having this talent is that you may “get used” to throw darts at people a lot. althoug In most cases, it is not affected by your behavior (Because people can’t focus right away on what you said) That doesn’t mean they realize it over time.

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Engaging in this behavior often can lead to it It should be considered an unpleasant person or even should be avoided. Is this really what you want?

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These tests should be considered as a hobby to explore some aspect of one’s personality. In no way can they replace a correct and complete analysis from a psychological point of view.